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Ceredigion's climate, thanks to its snug geographical location between the blue seas of Cardigan Bay and the rugged Cambrian Mountains is (generally) benign and ideal for horticulture. Our coastal districts rarely experience hard frosts allowing for a long growing season, and the abundant rainfall and overall mild climate allows our growers to produce a fantastic range of plants.

Colorful Leaves

History of the Ceredigion Growers Association

It's hardly surprising then, given this wonderful local climate, that Ceredigion hosts an extensive network of nurseries, from small specialist growers to larger, more commercial enterprises. In 2008 this diverse group of nurseries got together to form the Ceredigion Growers Association, in the hope that by working together they could put Ceredigion on the horticultural map.

History of the Ceredigion and District Growers Association

It worked! After just a few years nurseries from further afield in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire started taking note of the successful events being hosted by the CGA and wanted a piece of the action! In 2014 the Ceredigion Growers Association became the Ceredigion and District Growers Association, welcoming membership applications from further afield. 

If you are an independent grower in West Wales and interested in joining us please contact us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to work together for the greater benefit of each of us as independent nurseries as well as for our local and wider communities and the health of our environment and the planet as a whole.

Events and Workshops

​To be arranged...


Although we used to hold workshops and events such as bus trips to destinations both within this country and abroad, these came to an abrupt stop during the covid pandemic and have not, as yet, been re-started. 

We hope this will soon change, and if you have any suggestions please contact us.

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